Net Safety for Kids is your answer to online security for your kids. We offer software, books, seminars, advice, and consultations to assist parents in protecting their children from the threats that social media and the Internet bring. Do you know what dangers lurk online? Do you know what to warn your kids against? Do you know which danger signs to look for?

Net Safety Software

The Net Safety Software is specially designed to apply all the privacy settings you need to control and secure your home Internet networks.

  • Prevents unwanted outside access to your network
  • Tracks what your kids are watching online
  • Sets time limits on how long they can be online
  • Includes apps for their phones that keep their location and other information safe
  • Issues warnings when suspicious activity is detected or taboo words or phrases are detected

Safety for Your Kids Book

Net Safety for Your Kids was published in 2015 and is a great guide for parents with kids in the modern world.

  • How to know and identify the dangers that social media and the Internet pose
  • Explains why it is important to take security measures and safe proof your home computers.
  • How your kids can be in danger by using the Internet and social media. It explains the real threats and uses case studies of actual events.
  • What you should do if you suspect someone is targeting your kids and where to report it.

Consultation and Services

We offer sit-downs consultations with parents who feel that they need to speak to a person and get some guidance. We also host seminars and other events to create awareness on the issues of online security for kids.

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