Monthly Archive March 2018

ByBarbara Adams

4 Important Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Media

Social media is the new way of communicating. If it isn’t on social media, it didn’t happen. Kids today are naturally inclined to operate computers, software, and social media. It is important to keep your kids safe if they are on social media as so many dangers can befall them. Predators, bullies, scams and even abuse can happen through social media. The tips below will help you get some control over the safety of your kids on their social media.

1. Know what the different social media platforms are

Educate yourself about different platforms, what they are about, and their features. There are many out there and you should research the ones you know your kids are using. It might be good to create your own profile to see how it works and what the security and privacy settings are.

2. Set an age limit for when your kids can create their own profiles

Legally, most platforms don’t allow kids younger than 13 to create a profile. It is against the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act to collect information about kids under the age of 13. Tell your kids at what age they will be allowed to join social media platforms and explain why. If you just deny them access, they may secretly create a profile and make themselves vulnerable to predators.

3. Educate your kids about the dangers of social media

Explain to your kids about predators, scams, and the consequences social media use can have. Make sure that your kids know which danger signs to look for and encourage them to not have contact with anyone that they do not personally know. Give them real-life examples of cyberbullying and abductions.

4. Set fair rules regarding computer and social media use

Set rules regarding the time that is spent on social media and what is allowed to be shared. Keep the computer in a common area where it is visible to you. This will prevent untoward behavior and may help you identify when a dangerous situation presents itself.

Social media is great in many ways, but it can be very dangerous for kids. Make sure your kids are educated and smart when using social media.