6 Tips for Keeping your Children Safe When They are Online

ByBarbara Adams

6 Tips for Keeping your Children Safe When They are Online

The online world is constantly changing and with it the dangers that it holds. From scams to social media predators there are so many ways in which your children can be endangered. It is important, now more than ever, to be vigilant when it comes to taking precautions to keep your children and your home safe. If you are concerned about what may happen with your children while they are online, follow these simple tips to make your home networks safe.

Use good passwords. Secure your home network and any other documents or programs by using good and strong passwords that are hard to crack. The birthday of a loved one is not a good option.

Choose your security settings. Make sure that you enable and customize the security settings on your computers, networks, and social media to give your children and yourself maximum security when online.

Use an Internet security suite. These suites are your best defense against viruses, phishing, and other threats. Normal antivirus is no longer efficient and you should seriously consider a suite.

Educate your children on cybercrime and scams. If your children are old enough to be on social media and have their own emails, etc., educate them about not clicking on unknown links, opening emails from strangers, and other scams.

Advise your children to keep their passwords secret. Children should not share their passwords for social media, email, or other online sites with anyone – not even their best friends. They should always log off from their profiles when they are done. It is very easy for someone to get into their account and cause problems.

Explain what ‘online reputation’ is. Online reputation refers to the idea that your online activity and social media give others. Social media profiles, status updates, photos, groups you belong to, events you attend, etc. all paint a picture of you. If you are not careful, you may sabotage yourself and your reputation. Children need to understand this because many universities and employers use social media to screen applicants.

Education and awareness are the best way to keep your children safe. Security measures and a safe network adds the rest.

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