Net Safety for Kids is a business that is focused on and passionate about keeping kids safe from cyber dangers. The online world is where everything happens and keeping your child away from it will not be very successful. Instead, we offer solutions to keep your child safe while online. With our products and advice, you will drastically lower the risk of online dangers for your kids.

Net Safety for Kids offers different products and services that aid parents in increasing the safety of their kids while they are on the Internet, texting or taking part in any other online activities. Our two main products are a software program that helps secure your home networks and a book that explains what online dangers are and how to prevent them.

We offer advice, seminars, and consultations for parents who want a more hands-on approach and advice. No matter what your needs for online security, we can help you. The dangers that social media and the Internet holds are very real and it is our responsibility as parents to keep our kids safe. This is exactly what Net Safety for Kids is here for.

If you are looking for a solution to keep your kids safe, you have come to the right place.