Net Safety for Kids hosts several seminars and information sessions around the United States every year. We visit schools, libraries, afterschool facilities, and sometimes have fairs or expos. Here is a list of our upcoming events for the next few months:

How to Set-Up Your Home Computers and Networks to Protect Your Kids

Seminar running from 5 April to 20 April across America. We will be visiting as many schools as possible. Contact your kids’ school for specific dates and times.

Things You Should Be Looking Out For

15 May to 30 May at libraries around the country. Contact your local library or our information center to find out where the nearest event is for you.

Information session for kids and parents about the signs that they should be looking for to identify a dangerous situation or predator. Kids are taught which things they shouldn’t say and do and that they need to report suspicious people to their parents immediately. Parents are taught what to look for in their kids’ online histories and their behaviors to identify danger.

Net Safety for Kids – Online Seminar

This seminar will happen live on our website on 6 June. We invite both parents and kids to watch as we educate you about the dangers of social media and the Internet. We also explain how to keep you safe.

Net Safety Fair

10 July at the Washington Gardens, thanks to Kate Stebbins Law Firm for her help with this.

This fair offers information sessions, live speeches by professionals, experts, and people who have experienced the danger of the Internet. Many vendors take part and different Internet software devices, books, food, and much more will be on display and available for purchase.

For more information on these events, send us an email to